Workshop to raise awareness of dangers of cholera & way of prevention it in Mocha

@ Mocha – English

2019-07-12 16:23:32

A workshop on risks of cholera on Thursday was held in Mocha district in Taiz province.

 Participants in a day workshop, funded by Ajyal Without Qat, received a number of concepts to raise awareness of the risks of cholera.

The workshop aimed to provide the participants who will launch a field tour in the rural villages in the distribution of information on causes and risks of cholera epidemic and methods of infection and how to prevent them.

The workshop also aimed at activating the community role in reducing the spread of cholera, which experiences the worst outbreak in the country last year.

A 45-day awareness campaign on cholera is scheduled to begin next Saturday, including al-Wazee'ah, Mawza'a, Dhubab, Yakhtil and Mocha.