Taiz police arrest man wanted for storming houses, looting properties

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2019-07-12 16:35:14

Scandals of Taiz police and security are continuing, Police in Taiz announced on Thursday it captured the most wanted security in the northern square of Taiz city, without the police dare to name the wanted.

Taiz police said the security campaign arrested the so-called " A.M, and his "A.S". At the same time, citizens were asked to inform the police about the wanted persons if they saw them.

The wanted has been working with Ghazwan al-Mekhlafi, as well as he is a member of Ghazwan's armed gang, and was involved in a number of security cases, including raids, attacks and assaults on civilians' property.

Taiz police confirmed the continuation of the security campaign in the pursuit of outlaws in the neighborhoods north of Taiz city.