Ghazwan al-Mekhlafi will not surrender himself this time only after charges proven

@ Taiz – English

2019-07-12 18:31:13

Ghazwan al-Mekhlafi said that what the security services in Taiz have done against him is shameful, a cowardly act that is unacceptable to any tribal elder, no a military commander, no an honest political leader, and no a free man and no a journalist has a free pen accept these behaviors.

He added, in a statement issued by the Information Office of Sheikh Ghazwan al-Mekhlafi, that he had complied with the regime several times, including surrendering himself to the military police led by Brigadier General Jamal al-Shamiri. He also surrendered himself to the Security Forces and the security of the Roads led by the Col. Mohammed Mahyoub.

Ghazwan stressed that he seeks the security of the country, and if he made mistakes he is not immune to mistakes, but he did not oppose the Law and the Constitution, and complied or handed himself, and every time he came out innocently.

In his statement, Ghazwan said that he was assaulted in a way that harms the dignity of his women and in a way that is not used by security services, but criminal gangs, and that he will not accept it, it a spark of fire, adding that there is no left in this country except his dignity", he does not accept what have been done by the Brig. al-Akhali and it is necessary to look carefully what he have done or insulted his family."

Ghazwan affirmed that he was ready to surrender himself to the security, but this time he would not surrender himself only after charges against him are proven before the public opinion. " that an accused person is presumed innocent until proved guilty"

Ghazwan said: "I am not a paper to use to please public opinion and win people's love on the lines of my white page.'