Houthi losses and violent confrontations north of Qataba

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2019-12-14 10:07:32

The southern joint forces thwarted Houthi attempts to develop military barracks and positioning sites south of Al-Fakher front.

Violent confrontations broke out in which machine guns, anti-aircraft and artillery 23 were used after the Houthi militia attempted to create barracks and was met with heavy fire to extend confrontations in the neighboring areas and advanced lines of engagement.

According to the Newsmen field correspondent on the Al-Dhali front, heavy weapons are being spotted on the Al-Fakher front - Hubail Al-Abdi - Mafraq Bait al-Sharji - and Markhz.

Houthi militias have incurred heavy casualties and equipment in the battles of the past two days on the fighting fronts, west of the Qataba district and northeast of the Hashaa district, by the Southern Armed Forces and the resistance.

Informed private sources told NewsYemen that the Nasser General Hospital in the city of Ibb received, on Thursday, 19 bodies belonging to Houthi militia elements that had been brought in from the direction of the northern Dhali fronts, including the body of a senior field commander.