Yemeni government sources: upcoming session of the Security Council

@ Aden, Newsyemen English

2020-07-07 23:51:11

 Government sources said that the Security Council will hold a special session in mid-July on a safer tank at the request of the Yemeni government.

This was stated by Deputy Permanent Representative of the Republic of Yemen to the United Nations, Marwan Noman, in his tweet on Twitter.

On the third of this month, the government called on the Security Council to hold a special session to solve this file before it is too late.  

It stressed its separation from the rest of the issues and measures included in the UN envoy's initiative to Yemen, and obliging the Houthi militia to comply with a separate and decisive solution to avoid a serious environmental disaster.

The government said, the Safir tank has been a potential disaster for years and is on the verge of exploding.