Kidnappings ... Brotherhood's daily felony to curb freedom of Shabwa

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2020-07-08 16:16:40

The authorities of the Shabwa governorate, which is under the control of the Muslim Brotherhood, continue to curb the freedom of the population through the felony of kidnappings of a number of citizens.

In its most recent crime, the Brotherhood's militia kidnapped 3 citizens and dumped them in its secret prisons, which recently spread in Shabwa governorate.

Local sources told "Newsyemen" that, on Monday evening, the Brotherhood's terrorist militia, Muhammad Abdullah al-Aqil al-Shami al-Kazmi, was kidnapped from the al-Mahafed district in the eastern exit of the city of Ataq.

Muhammad Al-Kazmi is a trailer driver between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the capital, Aden.

Al-Kazmi militia has led to secret prisons systematically, in violations and humanitarian crimes that continue to affect peaceful citizens, and has even become a fourth meal for the Brotherhood.

The Special Forces, the Brotherhood's security apparatus in the governorate, also kidnapped citizens Khaled Yasser Jamil Al-Qomishi and Muhammad Mahdi Al-Qomishi in Al-Aram district of Habban district.

The two citizens were on their way to the city of Habban, before the militias took them to their secret prisons, which are not subject to any security or judicial oversight body.

On Saturday, Brotherhood militias kidnapped the soldier in the Shabwa Elite Forces, Imad Salem Abdel Haq and his companions, after storming the Ataq General Hospital while he was being treated for dengue fever.

The Islah Party militia carried out Shabwa a wide variety of grave violations, assaults, kidnappings, executions, raids on homes and violating their sanctities without any legal justification.