The Marib Authority arrests citizens and charges them with work to the Houthis

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2020-07-08 16:17:44

The Ma'rib Authority practiced widespread violations against citizens, in the absence and ignorance of activists and journalists.

According to sources and testimonies gathered by the Newsyemen editor, the security points at the city's entrances arrest people under the pretext of suspicion of working for the Houthi militia and throwing them in prison without the knowledge of their families.

The security points in the city also arrest anyone who ignores the curfew at night, throws them in their detention facilities, and tortures them by all means to extract confessions from them in connection with the militia and others.

Newsyemen met with some of released ones through mediation.

(M.C) tells that he came from the capital to visit his sister, who lives with her husband in the city and works in one of the shops.

He says, he went out at nine in the evening for the purpose of taking milk for his sister's daughter, to be surprised by security personnel who beat him and took him to the Criminal Investigation Headquarters, which directly charged him with his work with Houthi cells after knowing the details of his going out at night and where he lives and since when has he resided in Marib and the name of neighbourhood and his relative.

He explained that the accusation of working with Houthi cell, was because he came from the capital Sanaa to Marib.

He pointed out that the investigators assaulted him by beating, punching, slapping, and throwing him in a small room, and summoned him again at dawn for interrogation.

He says, and under torture, I confessed to attending militia courses in Sana'a, denying my association with the names of the cell leaders that were mentioned to me.

He confirmed, I spent two weeks in prison until my relative managed to find out the location of my detention and intervene, and through mediation I was released and my obligation not to provide any information about my detention.

 As for (KZS), who arrived from Shabwa governorate, he told Newsyemen that he had been held for four days in the authorities' prisons in Marib, and that he was arrested, confiscated, and sent to prison.

He added, after torture, the investigators tried to fabricate charges against me and they were not able, explaining that the process of his release from the detention took place under party directives for his association with an Islah leader, while all the sums in his possession of money and the Samsung phone were confiscated.

He stressed that there are many detainees in prison, and charges against them are fabricated and confessed after severe torture