A new scandal ... an officer reveals that security department's in Taiz are dealing drugs

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2020-07-08 17:20:36

An officer in the 22nd Brigade accused Mika of Taiz of Taiz Governorate security leaders of trafficking in hashish.  

He stressed that the process of liquidating the leader of the Popular Resistance in Taiz, Walid al-Ragheef, was due to the burning of a quantity of hashish for these leaders.

In a post on his Facebook page, Wajdi Al-Maqtari confirmed that Walid al-Ragheef confiscated a quantity of hashish that was being promoted by people claiming to be displaced in Al-Kawther neighborhood in favor of security leaders, including a security and order officer in Taiz Police.

Al-Maqtari said that about 7 months ago, he received a call from the resistance officer, Walid al-Ragheef, in which he informed him that his lane in it included someone who wanted to drown it in the lawn and drug swamp.

Al-Maqtari added that he called the campaign commander in the Security Department, who responded coldly to him, "We are full aware and this is our work, Wajdi."

He explained that when Walid Al-Bagheef informed that he had contacted the security, Ragheef told him, "It is their merchandise," meaning hashish.  

He continued, "We rushed and arrested the hashish promoters, and then the world revolted against us and they told us this is out job, you have no right to exceed your powers.

"But they did not know that I had informed Al-Fandam Bakr Sadiq Sarhan with every step, and the security and order officer in Major General 22 Mika.

Al-Maqtari said that after that he met with members of the security who told him, "Are you going to sell us the one with you?"  I told them, "The gun? They said no, the hashish. 

Al-Maqtari said that before Walid Al-Ragheef burned the hashish, he offered to hand the hashish for security and to receive a reward.  

However, Walid al-Ragheef replied to him, saying, "We took it from the right hand, in order to hand it to the left hand.