Brotherhood militia retaliates against the Shabwa elite for the sake of Al Qaeda

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2020-07-08 20:18:58

 Reprisals, carried out by the militia of Al-Islah, the local branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, have increased against employees of the Shabwana Elite Forces, who played a spearhead in the battle to purge Shabwa Governorate, southeastern Yemen, from the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda.

The past period witnessed many Brotherhood crimes that targeted members of the Shabwana elite, in operations that carried many indications.

In the latest violations of the Muslim Brotherhood, against the members of these forces, the first kidnapped a soldier from the Shabwa elite, from the Ataq Hospital in Shabwa governorate.

Informed sources revealed that the so-called Brotherhood Special Forces kidnapped the soldier, Imad Salem Abdulhaq, while receiving treatment for dengue at the hospital.

Sources added that he was kidnapped by the militia after he was rescued from the camp of Al-Alam in the Jardan district, before completing his treatment.

The sources reported that the Brotherhood's militia arrested two of his companions, Arafat Saleh Abdulhaq and Muhammad Ahmad Abdulhaw.

Brotherhood militia has practiced a variety of violations and crimes against members of the Shabwa elite forces, since it took control of the province.

The Brotherhood's militia assassinated the soldier in the Shabwa elite Talal Farid al-Awlaqi last May in the Nessah Directorate.

Over the past weeks, militias have kidnapped about 90 soldiers and officers of elite forces.

Observers return the Brotherhood's hatred toward the Shabwa elite force to the great role these forces played in achieving stability in the province, where they fought violent battles against al-Qaeda and ISIS with the support of the Arab coalition.