The people of Sabran in Al-Turbah, warn of armed movements to take control of the rest of the mountain

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2020-07-08 20:19:56

 The people of Sabran, south of Taiz, warned of suspicious movements of gunmen from the eastern side of the mountain, on Wednesday night, targeting the people of Sabran who are on the mountain, in an attempt to surround the mountain.

The people of Sabran said that this move comes in conjunction with a similar move from the western side by the armed groups that the people demand to take them out from the mountain according to the agreement with the committee formed from the governor.

The people of Sabran indicated that their people who were present to guard their villages reported that the armed groups led by Osama al-Qirda’i, who was defected from Brigade 35 called Mahmoud al-Bina, and his cousin, called Ammar Azzam al-Bana, are currently digging trenches while trying to move towards civilian housing.

The people said that this dangerous move comes after the deadline requested by these armed groups by the Brigadier General Abdulrahman Al Shamsani, the head of the committee tasked by the governor to withdraw from the mountain that ended Tuesday evening, has ended, so they are now surprised by the refusal of these armed groups to withdraw and implement the agreement.  The area is on the eastern side of the mountain.

The residents warned of the danger of what these armed groups will be doing in the coming hours against the people of the region, especially since last Friday they killed and wounded 9 of the people of the region, some of them in serious condition, after they attacked the people of the region and stormed their homes because they refused to be there.