Mouzea manager launches the expansion of the water project to include 3,000 people

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2020-07-09 09:47:49

Director General Abdulkarim Haider of Mouzea Directorate inaugurated the expansion works of the district center water project to include supplying 3 thousand people with clean drinking water.

Haider expressed his thanks to the management of the French Takaful Organization for its contribution to the success of this important service project.

Haider said that this project is part of the projects implemented by the Solidarity Organization in Mouzea Directorate, noting that there are other projects that are being implemented in the village of Al Hamli, which will be completed soon.

For her part, the director of the French Solidarity Organization "Juliet" expressed her happiness for the success of this humanitarian service work that will benefit thousands of people.

She added that the French Solidarity Organization (Solidarish) seeks to support the Yemeni person and stand by him at this important stage in the country's history.

Meanwhile, the director of the water project, Eng. Hani Al-Amiri, explained that 64 panels and plungers have been installed and rehabilitation of the pumping line.

He added, that the expansion project and providing it with solar panels will allow the water to be pumped to the tower reservoir located in the village of Al-Ahmar Al-Ahmar and the mountain reservoir located in Jabal Al-Nasr in Mouzea center.

He added that 3 thousand people will benefit from the solar-powered project in addition to the previous project that benefits 15 thousand people.