The director of the Mocha directs the removal of innovations on the cemetery and orders its fencing

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2020-07-09 13:13:16

The director of Mocha Directorate, Abdulrahim Al-Fateh, directed the removal of all forms of aggression against the Directorate’s graves, stressing that such violations will not be subject to statute of limitations and will be deterred by the force of law and order.

He said, during his visit to Abu Ismail Cemetery, that everyone should review their conscience with regard to public property, especially the endowment lands, and support the efforts of the local authority in protecting and preserving them, by being in-kind to them, by reporting any attacks that affect the sanctity of the endowment.

He also instructed the Directorate of Endowments of the Directorate to review all problems related to endowment issues, work to resolve them and raise the aggressors and violators to seize them.

Al-Fateh directed the removal of innovations and the fencing of Abu Ismail's cemetery, and the Endowment Office also directed to compensate every tenant who had previously been issued with a lease contract in places where it was now confirmed that it was within the sanctuary of the Directorate's graves.