From the south to Taiz, Islah lists its battles, and the goal is the same

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2020-07-09 13:14:03

The Islah party, the Yemeni Brotherhood, increased its battles south to the north of the country.

While Islah seems to try to sympathize with the people through the nomenclature it calls its battles, in the south it says that it defends Yemeni unity, but in the north and specifically the governorate of Taiz, it says that it fights demographic change.

During the past few days, the Muslim Brotherhood launched military campaigns against the town of al-Turbah, with the aim of removing the displaced within the framework of fighting (demographic change) and also with the aim of expelling the brigade's 35 armored forces, a brigade led by Brigadier Adnan al-Hamadi, who was assassinated in his home in the Taiz countryside at the end of last year.

Islah mostly passes its messages on fake accounts via social media.

 Al-Turbah Conflict: Islah Letters

 The objectives of the military campaign against the city of Al-Turbah were Islah messages in one way or another, rejecting any northern partnership that does not implement the party’s agenda, as the campaign targeted the 35 armored brigade, which is originally a northern brigade, as well as displaced people, some of them supporters of Tariq Muhammad Salih.

Politicians believe that this campaign is a clear indication that Islah wants to seize power by force of arms, rejecting any partnership to the north, or any political dialogue.

Al-Turbah and Islah

The conflict over the countryside of Taiz by the Islah party was not the result of the moment. Rather, it has been going on for some time, as the Brotherhood has been trying to control the areas of the 35-armored brigade, although it is a legitimate and northern brigade, not seeking separation as accuses the Transitional Council in the south.

The conflict over the countryside of Taiz resulted in the assassination of Major General Adnan al-Hammadi, the commander of the 35th Armored Brigade, amid accusations by the Islah Party of being behind the crime.

It is believed that the Al-Hammadi liquidation came as a preliminary scheme to take over the countryside of Taiz.

Al-Islah expressly believes that those close to the Arab coalition pose a danger to them, as they represent the projects of Qatar and Turkey.

 Shocking facts

Although the Houthis are the real danger, and they are close to the Islah party in Taiz, they completely ignores them, and heads side battles, in shocking facts and equations.

Turkish country plan

The director of the Arab Bureau in Yemen, Hammoud Munassar, said that the islah crowd under the cover of legality in Al-Turbah to detonate the situation in the Hujariyah region of Taiz governorate is a Turkish scheme with Qatari funding targeting Bab al-Mandab and Aden.

Munassar asked: What is the secret of the Brotherhood’s focus on Abyan and Taiz after abandoning al-Jawf and the abandonment in Marib?

 Is the coalition aware of Erdogan's scheme in the triangle of Taiz, Aden, Bab al-Mandab?

Al-Shumairy: Brotherhood sow hatred and create revolutions

In parallel, the writer and politician Abdul Sattar Saif Al-Shumairy considered that the Yemeni brotherhoods spread hatred and establish future revolutions, crimes and wounds, striking in the depth of the conscience of the people of Taiz, saying: We will suffer from them for long periods to come.

Al-shumairy said that the transitional council was correct when it refused the presence of the Brotherhood in the south, adding: Taiz will not stand until we follow the same path.

He indicated that, had it not been for the Brotherhood's stack of weapons in Taiz and their bloodshed, the city would be defeat them.