A Houthi leader admits of laying internationally prohibited landmines in Taiz and Karesh (video)

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2020-07-09 17:55:53

A leader of the Houthi militia presented irrefutable confessions about the militias ’use of internationally prohibited mines and devices as a primary weapon on the front lines in the residential areas of Taiz Governorate and the Karesh in Lahj Governorate.

The Houthi leader admitted, in video recordings, that camouflaged trenches of mines and devices impeded the crawling of the army and the resistance who had minesweeper, claiming that "they wanted to crawl with a minesweeper, and they believed that the sweeper was like a god, but the mines exploded with the sweeper."

The leader was in a qat gathering, in front of his groups, telling fake heroic stories to raise their spirits, pointing out that he demanded of civilians who were looking for work to learn to use mortars or engage in mine engineering.

The Houthi leader said that he told his military commanders that he did not want reinforcements for the recruits, but with mine trucks: "We do not want individuals, we want a Quranic culture, monitoring, and five mine-laying experts."

The Houthi terrorist militia uses mines of various shapes and sizes, some of which are camouflaged in a similar way to nature, and randomly planted on civilian roads and neighborhoods. 

The field commander of Iran's arm criticized the laws prohibiting the laying of internationally prohibited mines, and added: "It is not internationally prohibited, the most important thing is that it kills ISIS."

The Houthi leader praised the effectiveness of landmines and individual mines as a lethal weapon in battles: "It is the most luxurious and the greatest weapon, and that 5 of the Mujahideen of Engineering repel the advance."

The leader tried to falsify the reality of the Yemeni army and resistance facing their militias on the fronts, claiming that the mines hampered an army of 7,000 Sudanese fighters affiliated with Black Water, which does not exist on the ground except in the imagination of the leaders of the terrorist group.

The Houthi leader's allegations did not stop there, but rather he believed that the angels fought with them and guided him to ambush the resistance forces and the army that penetrated their defenses and surrounded their groups in a mountain in Taiz.