Ibn Aziz: A mobilisation by order of Houthi

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2020-07-09 19:33:27

Chief of the General Staff, Lt. Gen. Sagheer bin Aziz, described the mobilization of the Houthis tribes between the governorates of Al-Jawf and Ma'rib, claiming support for the Subaiyan family as a " support of one-fifth".

He added, denouncing the tribes' response to the Houthi calls, saying: "Where is the support on the day the Houthis killed the women in Saada, Sufyan, and Hajjur, and destroyed villages and cities, and children and women who have no guilt were displaced and homeless.”

The prominent Houthi leader Abu Ali al-Hakem has been continuing for days, mobilizing militia supporters and tribal fighters east of al-Jawf under the name "tribal support" under the pretext of revenge for the Subaiyan family who were killed late last month by a military and security campaign in Wadi Ubaidah district in preparation for a massive attack on the army and tribesmen in West of Marib Governorate.

A local source said that Al-Hakem held tribal meetings for the sheikhs of the Marib, Sana'a, and Al-Jawf tribes to mobilize their tribes for him to throw them into the crematoriums, and that this mobilization would be in preparation for a large-scale attack that the Houthi militia would carry out during the coming period, whose main axis is the front of Al-Alam, west of Ma'rib Governorate.