A number of Houthis, including supervisor, were killed in their attack on the joint sites in Hays

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2020-07-09 21:16:44

The Houthi militia (Iran's arm in Yemen) launched an attack on the positions of the joint forces stationed in the Hays front south of Hodeidah, and the militia received a heavy loss.

A military source in the 7th Giants Brigade said that the heroes of the 2nd Battalion, 7th Brigade Giants, led by Brigadier Ali Al-Kinini, member of the Joint Command in the West Coast, stationed in the Hays Front, were able to counter the attack launched by the militias on their southern locations of the Hays Front.

The source confirmed that the Houthi attack launched by the militias lasted for approximately two hours, in which the militias used their various weapons, most of which occurred near residential neighborhoods located at the outskirts of the district's center.

The source pointed out that the heroes of the seventh giants responded to the attack and left a number of dead and wounded among the militia, including a Houthi supervisor.