Al Houthi militia threatens to stop telecommunication and internet services

English - الخميس 17 سبتمبر 2020 الساعة 09:55 ص
Sanaa, NewsYemen:

 The Houthi militia has threatened to stop telecommunication and Internet services throughout the country, under the pretext of running out of oil stocks for the Public Telecommunications Corporation.

The threat of the Houthi militia came in light of the continued recovery of the black market for oil derivatives in Sanaa and the neighboring provinces.

 An official source at the Public Telecommunication Corporation in Sanaa said, "The telecommunications corporation's primary and reserve stock of oil is about to run out," threatening that the exchanges and messaging stations will stop and maintenance of all communications equipment, thus depriving large segments of Yemenis from communication service and the Internet.

The Houthi militia claims that the Arab coalition forces prevented the entry of oil ships to the port of Hodeidah. However, the Supreme Economic Council in the recognized government confirmed that the quantities of fuel entering the areas of the Houthi militia increased by 1,742,991 tons.

The Economic Council considered that "any current crises are contrived to strengthen the black market by the Houthis."

They indicated that the government granted exceptions during the period from October 2019 to August 2020 for entry of at least 36 fuel ships, and said that these exceptions were in response to the requests of the UN envoy, despite the Houthi militia’s plundering of the balance allocated for the disbursement of civilian salaries (from the account in which the legal fees were collected for imports  Fuel at the port of Hodeidah).

They pointed out that the Houthis had hindered the entry of locomotives carrying oil derivatives into their areas of control by land through the liberated areas, and that they (the militias) "deliberately caused more humanitarian crises to strengthen the black market they run."