Member of the National Security and Policy Committee in the Iranian Parliament: Iran did everything for the Houthis

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2020-10-29 20:39:24

A prominent Iranian parliamentarian confirmed that Al-Houthi is an Iranian creation, saying, "We have done everything that can be done in Yemen."

A member of the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee of the Iranian Parliament, Jawad Karimi Qudusi, said in a press interview on Tuesday: that his country “was able to enhance the capabilities of the defense systems of the Houthis, and that (the Houthis) are today able to manufacture drones and develop Scud missiles they had ".

The Iranian parliamentarian said: “We have done everything that can be done in Yemen,” referring to sending a number of Iranian ships to Yemen, with Iranian deputies on board, but after reaching Bab al-Mandeb, they were ordered from Tehran to return.

He said, "In the ninth parliament (2016-2020), deputies were chosen and headed towards Hodeidah, on ships carrying popular aid, but when they reached Bab al-Mandeb, the Iranian government ordered them to return."

He added that the return of the ships took place after "a call from US Secretary of State John Kerry."

These ships were known in Yemen with water aid, but the parliamentarian did not say whether they were carrying weapons.