Al-Houthi took control of sites in Al-Shahla ... and the National Army: We acquired 5 military vehicles and a field commander

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2020-10-29 20:59:31

On Thursday, the Houthi militia took control of sites in the Al-Shahla Mountains, in the last of its offensive operations against tribal and army positions north of Al-Marazeeq in the Khub Washaf district of Al-Jawf governorate.

However, sources in the "National Army" said that the army personnel had captured a group of Houthi militia members while they were trying to infiltrate a military site on the Bir Al-Marazeeq front.

Confirming that the army imposed the siege on the infiltrating groups who were killed or wounded, and that among the prisoners was a field commander, in addition to 5 military vehicle with their equipment, a number of medium and light weapons and quantities of ammunition.

The operations are taking place under the strikes of the coalition warplanes, which attacked reinforcements of the Houthi militia in separate locations, and the raids resulted in the destruction of a number of combat vehicles and the death and injury of many militia members.