Killed and wounded militia by the army and tribes fire east Al-Hazm

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2020-11-24 20:48:47

 A military source said that the dead and wounded members of the Houthi militia, the Iranian arm, were killed, on Tuesday, by army and tribal fire east of Al-Hazm city in Al-Jawf governorate.

According to the source, the army broke off an attack by groups belonging to the Houthi militia towards the Dahida Mountains, which the army forces had retook over the past weeks, and forced them to retreat after they had killed and wounded a number of its members.

The source confirmed that many militia bodies are still lying in the contact lines.  

While the army recovered a number of medium and light weapons and various ammunition.

On the same front, the coalition aircraft targeted reinforcements for the militias, and the raids resulted in the destruction of a number of vehicles and the death of all those on board.