The First Thunderbolt Brigade, and the thirty armored vehicles, dispersed the infiltrations of the Houthi militia in Al Dhalea

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2020-11-24 20:51:11

 Units from the 1st Thunderbolt Brigade and the 30th Armored Brigade have foiled widespread infiltration attempts by the Houthi militia, backed by heavy fire coverage, in order to retake previously lost sites in the north of Al Dhalea Governorate.

A military source in the Dhalea front said that the southern forces in the Hajar sector of Bab Ghalaq and Habeel Al-Abdi broke an infiltration operation that had been carried out by elements of the Houthi militia at midnight on Monday and at dawn today, to make any progress and failed.

According to the source, the infiltrating groups retreated, broken after a number of them were killed and wounded by direct contact and by the fire of the southern forces.

The source indicated that the Houthi militia resorted to hysterical bombardment from an armored vehicle, in an attempt to secure the withdrawal and retrieve the bodies of its infiltrating members to the sites of the southern forces.

Battles have already raged in the Muqailan sector, east of the Mawia district of Taiz, on the southwestern borders of the Al-Azraq district in Al-Dhalea.

 The source confirmed that the clashes there left 5 Houthi militia members dead and dozens wounded.