A military campaign chasing army crews in the streets of Marib

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2020-11-25 17:34:40

 The Military Police in Marib continues a wide campaign to pursue and seize the combat crews present in the city and return them to the battle fronts, with the Houthi militia, in light of the leakage of army vehicles from the fronts.

A military source said, that the move comes after the grumbling of tribesmen who make great sacrifices on the battlefronts surrounding Marib, after numbers of army personnel gave up their responsibilities, preferring to stay and roam with crews in the city.

He explained that the fighters from the tribes and the army on the fronts in the vicinity of Marib suffer from a shortage of combat crews to facilitate their movements and transport their supplies, while some commanders, their children and their companions roam with crews in the city streets and in front of hotels, lodges and parks as if it were private property and not a custody.

He added that the Minister of Defense directed the Military Police to prevent the crews and military vehicles from wandering inside the city of Marib, seizing them and withdrawing them from the custody of the leaders and entities that were registered with them.  He called on regions, brigades and military units to cooperate in the seizure process.

The source stated that the campaign carried out by the Military Police in Marib, with the participation of Military Intelligence, Military Security and Governorate Security, has met with wide satisfaction and welcome among the civilian and military circles.