Activists mock the use of Almakhlafi for the wounded

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2020-11-26 17:21:23

The Brotherhood leader Hammoud Saeed Al-Mikhlafi continues to invest the wounds of the wounded in Taiz by using them as a means of political blackmail and mercenary through his alleged position in the Sultanate of Oman.

Media loyal to al-Mikhlafi published pictures of a number of wounded, while uploading pictures of Sheikh Al-Mikhlafi and the Sultan of Oman and Omani flags with expressions of praise to Oman, which they described as good Oman.

The trafficking of the wounded by the Brotherhood leader has aroused the discontent of activists on social media, who mocked the Al-Mikhlafi’s continuing policy of trading the issue of the wounded and exploiting it in the media with the aim of making money from the triangle of Qatar, Turkey and Oman.

Activists on social media have also reminded the negative role that the Sultanate of Oman plays in Yemen through the smuggling of weapons to the Houthi coup group, its hosting of the Houthi leaders residing in Muscat, as well as its treatment of the wounded Houthis in its hospitals, in addition to the political and strategic support provided by the Sultanate of Oman to the Houthis, and Oman's strong relationship with Iran the first enemy of the Yemenis.

Journalist Tawfiq Al-Sharabi commented on the publication of journalist Amin Dabwan, who is close to Al-Mikhlafi, saying, “Oman that received the wounded whose limbs were amputated due to terrorism and mines of the Iranian-backed Houthi militia, is the same Oman that refused to vote on the decision to condemn Iran for supporting Houthi terrorism in Yemen ... !!!

It is the same who smuggles weapons to the Houthis, and it is the same international theater and the political capital of the Houthis and their international airport.

Activist Munif Al-Sharabi also commented, “It is enough for you praising Oman, it is the one who refused to vote against those criminals who had victims legs amputated, killed their children, destroyed their homes, and it financed the criminals with weapons."

Activist Muhammad al-Shaibani said on his Facebook page, “Oman plays a pernicious role in Yemen, as it is the most prominent supporter of the Houthi revolutionaries and members of the Brotherhood and is the engineer and sponsor of the rapprochement between the two groups.

The weapon that amputated the feet of the wounded passed through the Sultanate of Oman, and whoever contributed to the crime, how can he contribute to the treatment. ”

Activist Ahmed Hazaa did not go far, as he wrote on his Facebook page “It’s better for Sheikh Hammoud Al-Mikhlafi to return the money that he stole from the coalition, and it will be capable of treating the wounded and the liberation of Taiz. 

It is shameful for him to be a fugitive in Turkey and say about himself that he is the leader of the resistance. Hammoud Saeed is just a card in the hands of Turkey, Qatar and Oman, and the people know this very well.

Media affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood announced that the Sultanate of Oman had received a new batch of wounded from Taiz, Yemen, for the purpose of treatment on its territory, and that a number of government officials in the Sultanate had received fifty wounded amputees as a result of the war at the Al-Mazyuna border crossing.