A gunman was killed and another wounded in clashes between two gangs, west of Taiz

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2021-01-06 19:32:43

A gunman was killed and another militant was seriously injured as a result of clashes between two armed gangs, Tuesday night, west of Taiz, central Yemen.

A local source told (NewsYemen), that five gunmen blocked the path of a person called Diaa Al-Dahma, assaulted him, and confiscated his rifle, last night, Tuesday, in front of Al-Karamah Hospital on the Al-Dhabab Line west of Taiz.

The source added: "The attacker left the scene and returned with twenty armed men, and they clashed with those who attacked him under the leadership of Omar Al-Zaqqa in front of Al-Karamah Hospital in front of the security forces."

The violent clashes resulted in the death of a gunman from Omar Al-Zaqqa 'gang, and the father of named Diaa Al-Dahma was seriously injured on the other side, and he was transferred to the hospital.