The Houthis were killed and wounded in Tuhaita and 120 violations of the armistice in separate areas in Al-Hodeidah

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2021-01-07 17:40:41

A member of the Houthi militia, the Iranian arm in Yemen, was killed, and others were wounded, by the joint forces' fire, during an infiltration attempt by the militia in Al-Tuhaita District, south of Hodeidah.

According to a military source, the joint forces clashed with elements of the Houthi militia that tried to breach the contact lines southwest of Al-Tuhita.

The source added that the confrontations resulted in the death of a Houthi element and wounding others, while the remaining militia gunmen fled after their utter failure.

 In addition, the joint forces monitored 120 violations of the UN armistice committed by the Houthi militia in separate areas of Hodeidah Governorate.

According to an operational source in the joint forces, the violations of the Houthi militia included hostile military actions against the populated neighborhoods and villages.

According to the source, the Houthi violations were concentrated in Hays, Al-Tuhaita, Al-Jabaliya, Al-Faza, Al-Durrahi, and areas within the city of Hodeidah.

Among the violations, 7 reconnaissance planes were flown over the city of Haiss, the city of Tuhaita and al-Jabaliya.

The source condemned the continuous escalation of the Houthi militia against the citizens who are going through difficult living conditions, and the crimes committed by the militias.