Hodeidah: Houthi dead and a leader captured after an infiltration operation in "At-Tuhaita"

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2021-01-07 19:09:59

A number of members of the Houthi militia, the Iranian arm in Yemen, were killed and wounded, Thursday, by joint forces' fire in At-Tuhaita, south of Hodeidah, while a field commander of the militia was captured.

Fouad Ishaq, a member of the First Brigade, Tuhama Resistance, told "NewsYemen" that the joint forces foiled an infiltration attempt by the Houthis in the At-Tuhaita front and captured a field commander.

 He explained that the Houthi militia forced a group of its members to penetrate the front sites of the joint forces, in At-Tuhaita, but it failed and suffered losses.

He indicated that the infiltration was broken, while the leader of the Houthi group called (Muhammad Hussein Al-Hamdani) was captured while he was trying to approach the front sites.

He confirmed that a number of infiltrators who were led by the leader (Al-Hamdani) were captured and wounded, while the rest fled.