The joint forces thwarted the infiltrations and massive breaches of the Houthi militia on the west coast

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2021-01-09 10:19:05

During the past 48 hours, the Houthi militia, Iran's arm in Yemen, tried to create fortifications and dig trenches on the western coast front, all of which ended in failure and double human and material losses in the face of the vigilance and resilience of the joint forces.

Joint sources reported that the escalation of the militias affiliated with Iran included armed movements in the sectors of the city of Hodeidah, Al-Khamseen Street, Sana'a, Airport and Al-Saleh, and the sectors of the cities of Hays Al-Tuhaita, coinciding with the missile and artillery shelling of the liberated residential neighborhoods.

In the al-Duraihimi sector, the Joint Venture broke two simultaneous infiltration attempts by the militias south and west of the district’s center, causing deaths and injuries among the infiltrators and forcing the rest to flee.

While an attempt to dig a trench between the farms located on the Zabid line in the Al-Faza area was monitored, and it was quickly dealt with with success, and the movements of militia members were dealt with by motorbikes.