Tampering with the distribution of aid in Nadera in Ibb, and appeals to save the poor and destitute

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2021-01-09 16:41:20

Local sources in Ibb governorate uncovered some tampering with the distribution of food aid in Nadera.

Citizens in Mikhlaf Al-Oud in Al-Nadera District complained of tampering with the process of distributing food aid, burglary that is not deserving of it, and depriving ordinary people of it.

The sources said that the rich and well-off have robbed the humanitarian aid and are trading it, in a scene that confirms the absurdity of distribution and the deprivation of the poor of aid.

Thousands of poor people from the Naderah Directorate appealed to the United Nations and humanitarian organizations for their livelihood relief, renewing their complaints about the robbery of the wealthy, rich and expatriates over the humanitarian aid that is supposed to be distributed to the poor and destitute.

According to local sources, the majority of the beneficiaries of the United Nations relief and humanitarian organizations in the Nadera district are well-off, not to mention expatriates outside Yemen, and in return, the poor, the destitute, and even the real displaced from villages to other villages were excluded and deprived of the armed confrontations that took place in the areas of the Khilaf al-Oud, which is administratively affiliated to the Nadira district last year.

According to the sources, the aid was absorbed and benefited from well-off expatriates outside Yemen in exchange for bribes and sums of money for the organization’s specialists in isolating the oud, in addition to the corruption of village idols.

 It is worth noting that many of the displaced were affected by the confrontations and sold cows, sheep and some property and were deprived of humanitarian aid.

Sources and eyewitnesses talked about the sale of hundreds of beneficiaries of UN relief and humanitarian organizations, and their trade in local markets, at a time when hundreds of families suffer from hunger, poverty and the consequences of the coup and war in the country.