The international coalition forms a committee to investigate the attack on Aden airport

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2021-01-09 19:25:59

The International Coalition (AIDL) announced the formation of an independent committee to investigate the attack on Aden International Airport, on Wednesday, December 30, 2020, describing the targeting of the civilian airport as a "war crime."

The coalition stated that it assigned the head of its fact-finding committee, Andy Varmout, to initiate investigations and expand research on this criminal attack, and to submit a detailed report on the results of that, to be presented to various official international bodies and institutions.

He indicated that he assigned the Legal Office to work on submitting a legal file regarding it to the International Criminal Court to prosecute those involved in the attack on Aden International Airport, based on the results of the investigations.

The international coalition described the bombing of Aden civil airport on December 30, 2020, as a heinous crime, stressing that the attack constitutes a full-fledged war crime, which requires the prosecution of its perpetrators and all those involved internationally.

The international coalition affirmed its firm position in condemning and criminalizing all acts that target civilians and their areas everywhere.