The Houthi militia turns the Zahraa Foundation building into a residence for its militants

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2021-01-10 10:01:44

Even the Al-Zahraa Foundation did not leave it .. This is how a citizen in the city of Al-Hodeidah told Newsyemen

The institution is a civil society that has been operating in Hodeidah for years, but the Iranian branch considers everything that is owned by the people to be permissible for its militants.

 Al-Houthi turns any activity inside Hodeidah into a source of blackmail, and this time he decided to seize the “Al Zahraa Charitable Foundation Complex building on Jamal Street in Al Hawk District, which was built at the expense of Al Zahraa Charitable Foundation”.

The sources said that Al-Houthi extends the influence of his gunmen over every endowment, and “his armed men brought plans, engineering drawings and engineers to redesign the building so that it would be a military residence for their militia.”