Al-Sabaiha ... its director rejects the security belt from its people, and southern sources deny the STC’s relationship with establishing a coastal camp

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2021-01-10 13:23:20

Official sources in Al-Sabiha warned about what they called “the attempt to establish a military brigade in Al-Sabaiha” under the lawsuit of the transitional council, and said that “what is being circulated about the establishment of a camp that does not belong to the transitional council, and not within the southern forces,” accusing the Brotherhood and Ali Mohsen of working under the banner of the Ministry of Defense To establish a brigade in the coastal line, starting from Ras Omran to Bab al-Mandab, following the “Taiz axis”.

According to the sources, committees are recruiting unemployed youth from various areas of Sabiha and deceiving them that the formation of that brigade is based on orders from the Transitional Council, after the people of the region refused to follow the Brotherhood’s plans in the Taiz axis and Ali Mohsen.

To that, residents of Tur al-Baha complained about the directorate’s full-time performance of the Brotherhood’s party work, who say that the security aspect as director of the Directorate does not pay any attention, rejecting all possible security solutions, foremost of which is the handing over of the security file within the directorate to the Security Belt Forces to the Sabaiha people.