Houthi militias impose large royalties on expatriate families in districts east of Ibb

English - منذ 43 يوم و 6 ساعة
Ibb, NewsYemen:

The Houthi coup militia imposed royalties and financial levies on the families of expatriates in several towns in Ibb Governorate, central Yemen.

According to identical sources and local residents, the Houthi militia carried out in recent days a campaign of large financial levies and royalties on the families of expatriates in the districts of Nadira, Al-Shaar and Adan, using force and threats.

The sources talked about collecting large sums of money for expatriate families in the Nadira district, east of Ibb governorate, which amounted to millions of riyals.

The sources said that certain families were forced to pay sums of money estimated between two thousand and five thousand dollars, at a time when they threatened to confiscate the expatriates' property and pay their relatives to the fronts or imprison them in the event that these royalties are not paid.

The campaign of financial levies focused on areas such as "the village of Al-Fajra, the village of Al-Sharnama, the village of Al-Zamazma, the village of Haddah, the village of Hazaib, the village of the Shaab Al-Muraisy, and the village of Al-Ardha" in Al-Nadera district, while it included other families in the districts of Al-Shair and Baadan.