Announcement of the Political Bureau of the National Resistance - the text of the statement

English - الخميس 25 مارس 2021 الساعة 03:25 م
Mokha, NewsYemen:

Text of the declaration declaring the Political Bureau of the National Resistance A tribute to the souls of the martyrs who spilled with their pure blood every inch of this land, in defense of the republic and the freedom and dignity of our people.

Believing in the national tasks that should be taken care of, and spending dearly and precious for their sake ... and in awareness of the circumstances and changes that our country, our people and our Arab environment are going through.

Inspired by the spirit of the bold December 2nd revolution, and an extension of the aspirations of the national movement since the dawn of the Yemeni revolution (September 26 and October 14) ... and in response to changes, development requirements, and duties to contribute with everyone in building a present and a future befitting the aspirations and striving to meet the goals of our great Yemeni people.

After intense consultations and extensive discussions, the National Resistance today, from the city of Mocha, the gateway to victory and liberation, announces the declaration of its political office, committing to work to re-use the ballot boxes and the peaceful transfer of power, while the republic’s guards continue on their fronts spanning three years of struggle, sacrifices and victories. The field is on the side of the comrades in arms in the joint forces and all the heroes on the fronts of defending the republic.

Emphasizing the following:

 * The declaration of the Political Bureau of the National Resistance is a national necessity imposed by the stage to serve the fateful battle of our people, and constitutes an original extension of the sacrifices of the immortal leader, the martyr Ali Abdullah Saleh and his companion, the Secretary Aref Awad Al-Zouka and all the martyrs of the stages of the struggle, and he will carry out his national responsibilities in a way that preserves the national and national constants.

* While we are confident that victory is our ally and ally of every free Yemeni in this battle, our great dependence is on the solidarity of national forces and coordination between the various political components, which is what the Political Bureau of the Resistance will seek.

* The destruction of the political process and party pluralism was and still is one of the worst crimes of the Houthi priestly militia to build absolute individual power, and this is why the National Resistance calls on all political components to work to dismantle the effects of this crime with a political movement that restores the consideration of the national identity and preserves the republican system.

• The fighting fronts represent the essence and value of all the Yemeni battles against the priesthood, and therefore the national resistance is proud of every fighter against the Houthi in every camp and front throughout the Republic of Yemen, regardless of its region and affiliation.

We commend the national and militant role of the Tehama Al-Ahrar along the western coast, who constitute the popular incubator for the national resistance, and we highly value their heroic sacrifices, and we consider that the announcement of the Political Bureau of the National Resistance is an affirmation of our commitment to protecting the gains of Tihama and continuing to share its liberation battle and serve development issues.

* The national resistance, while calling for mobilization of efforts to restore the historical capital of the Republic of Yemen, Sana'a, is proud of the political and popular support it receives from the Southern Resistance, and calls on all parties to unite efforts and fronts towards the capital, Sanaa, and sit at the dialogue table to draw the contours of the future.

Sensing the pain of our people in the capital, Sanaa, and the provinces that are still occupied by Iran's arms, and who are subjected to wars around the clock, killing their sons, plundering their property and rights, sweeping away their identity and abusing their present and history, and besieging their future ... we affirm that the fighters against the priesthood will continue their battles, while The Political Bureau will work to express the concerns of the masses and organize their efforts to restore state institutions and liberate the capital, Sana'a.

• The National Resistance stresses the importance of protecting regional waters and waterways, and rejecting any threat to global trade through the Bab al-Mandab Strait.

* We affirm that one of our priorities is to pay attention to the youth and women sectors, as they are essential tributaries for the advancement of the nation and society.

* We affirm that Yemen will remain a strategic depth for its brothers in the Gulf countries and the Arab world, and it will never be subordinate or subject to the Persian tide, whatever the price it costs us, and whatever the size of the sacrifices.

• We renew our position rejecting all acts of terrorism, extremism, sectarian and sectarian fanaticism, extremism and extremism, and our adherence to the approach of moderation and moderation.

Glory and eternity to the righteous martyrs ... Healing for the wounded ... Freedom for the prisoners and detainees ...

Victory to our great Yemeni people.

Long live the Republic of Yemen

Issued by: The Political Bureau of the National Resistance

Mocha - March 25, 2021