The Transitional Council calls on the coalition to fulfill its obligations to the southern forces

English - منذ 21 يوم و 11 ساعة و 44 دقيقة
Aden, NewsYemen:

 The Presidium of the Southern Transitional Council, in its meeting, on Saturday, called on the Arab coalition to fulfill its obligations and disburse the dues of the southern forces.

It emphasized, "All plans will fail, just as their predecessors failed in the face of the legendary steadfastness of our people and their precious sacrifices in order to obtain their full and undiminished rights."

The commission strongly condemned the cowardly methods and practices, the acts of murder, warfare and kidnapping practiced by the forces of extremism and terrorism against the people of the south, the most recent of which was the kidnapping of the young man, Abdulmoneim, the brother of Abdulrahman Sheikh, a member of the Presidium of the Southern Transitional Council, by called Amjad Khaled, commander of the Transport Brigade in Hadi's government, noting that he is one of the symbols of terrorism, killings and terrorist bombings that Aden has witnessed over the past period.

The Commission affirmed the Council’s insistence on bringing the so-called Amjad Khaled to justice to obtain his penalty for the terrorist acts in which he was directly involved during the last period.

The commission warned of the consequences of the continued kidnapping of the young man, Abdulmneim Sheikh, and called for his immediate release, without any conditions, and for the perpetrators of this process to be brought to legal accountability.

The commission reiterated that the main bet on which the South, the Transitional Council and the living civilian forces depend is on the people of the South and their free will to resist all kinds of oppression, tyranny, abolition and siege, indicating that no force in the world will be able to force them to abandon their cause.

The Presidency of the Transitional Council also renewed the call for the Arab coalition to implement its obligations and duties, foremost of which is the disbursement of late financial dues and operational expenses for the southern armed forces, in accordance with the understandings concluded in advance after the departure of the duty force 293, in order to preserve the high combat morale of the forces stationed in the lines of contact in  Confronting Al-Houthi and terrorist militias, in accordance with the provisions of the Riyadh Agreement and the mechanism for accelerating it.