Al-Houthi continues to violate the "fragile truce" by escalating its violations of civilians in the holy month

English - منذ 21 يوم و 12 ساعة و 2 دقيقة
Hodeidah, NewsYemen:

 Dozens of the daily Houthi terrorist violations in Hodeidah confirm its lack of concern for peace and spare the citizens the scourge of its continuous bombing and attacks.

In the latest violations of the Houthi militia on Saturday, it renewed its targeting of residential neighborhoods in the city of Hays, south of Hodeidah, where it fired a number of mortar shells from its control areas in the north of the city of Hais, and coincided with the opening of its automatic weapons.

On Saturday, a civilian and his child were killed and his other child was wounded, as a result of the explosion of a mine from Houthi remnants, in Dhu Bab al-Gharbi, Taiz Governorate, on the western coast.

 The sources said, that a mine from the remnants of the Houthis exploded while the citizen Majali Ibrahim and his sons were tending a herd of sheep near the Al-Jaash school, east of Dhu al-Bab district.  The sources pointed out that the citizen Majali Ibrahim and his daughter Saida died at the site of the explosion, while the child Adeeb, the son of Majali, was severely injured.

On Friday, the joint forces managed to suppress the movements of the Houthi militia in the vicinity of the City Max tour and the air defense camp inside the city of Hodeidah, after the militias attempted to penetrate the front lines.

The militias intensified their violations against civilians in the first days of Ramadan, committing horrific crimes, as a citizen was wounded by Houthi militia bullets in Tuhaita, hours after two women and a child were injured by shrapnel of mortar shells in the city of Hais, as a result of the bombing by the Houthi militia on residential neighborhoods in the city.  The victims were treated at Al-Khokha Hospital, then transferred to the MSF hospital in Mocha.

The joint forces monitored 147 violations of the UN armistice committed by the Iranian-backed Houthi militia in separate areas of Hodeidah during the past 12 hours.

The violations included the hostile operations carried out by the militia against civilians, which was the bombing and targeting of their homes and farms with various types of heavy and medium weapons.  The militia's violations were concentrated in the areas of Al-Faza, Al-Jabaliya, Al-Tuhaita city center, Hais and Al-Durahimi, and Kilo 16.

Among the violations, the Houthi militia launched 8 reconnaissance aircraft that were monitored over the center of Al-Tuhayat District and its Al-Jabaliya district, with 4 planes each.

A recent report by the joint forces in the West Coast revealed that about 50 civilians, including women and children, were killed and wounded by the Houthi terrorist militia fire, in less than two months from the beginning of this year.

The Houthi attacks on civilians and inhabited villages in the regions and districts of Al Hodeidah, were not limited to the last two months, but extend to the date of the direct entry into force of the Stockholm Agreement signed between the legitimate government and the Houthi militia on December 18, 2018.