A new scandal for the security of Taiz ... the arrest of the victim and leaving a gang that attacked Al-Thawra Hospital

English - منذ 20 يوم و 13 ساعة و 44 دقيقة
Taiz, NewsYemen, Exclusive:

 A local source in Taiz governorate mocked the governorate's security claim, at dawn today, Sunday, that it had arrested the gang that attacked Al-Thawra Hospital to kill one of the wounded.

The source told NewsYemen that the events of the incident took place in the Bir Basha area of   the Al-Mudhaffar District, when an armed gang ambushed the young man, Samir Al-Qadri - who works as a guard in the Construction and Development Bank.

The source added that when al-Qadri was stopping the bus he owned next to his house behind the Habashi Qat Market, at two o'clock on Sunday, an armed gang raided him and asked him for the key to the bus, but he refused and was able to steal a gang's weapon.

The source said that the young men of the neighborhood, among Qadri's friends, came to his aid after the gang shot him, wounding him in the foot, and he ran away after one of its members was injured.

The source indicated that Al-Qadri's friends, namely: Ibrahim Saleh Al-Shaibani, Hussein Al-Ezzani, a representative of MTN, and others treated the injured to Al-Buraihi Hospital, while the gang, whose members was injured, headed towards Al-Safwa Hospital.

The source pointed out that Al-Qadiri was transferred from Al-Buraihi Hospital to Al-Thawra Hospital to coincide with the transfer of the other injured person from Al-Safwa Hospital to Al-Thawra, and here everyone met, where the armed gang tried to liquidate Qadri again, but his friends were able to protect him with their personal weapons.

The source pointed out that the security campaign that arrived at the hospital instead of arresting the gang took the injured Qadri from the emergency to the security prison and took his colleagues' weapons with MTN slides belonging to Hussein Al-Ezzani, the company’s representative who was in his car, and announced that they had arrested the gang to delude public opinion  That they have achieved a security success.

The source asked: How does the security campaign arrest the injured and not allow him to be treated, while he defended himself in front of a gang that tried to forcibly plunder his bus?

The source confirmed that some of the members of the security crackdown have serious cases, most notably Walid Al-Asali, Director of the Central Correctional Facility, against whom a judicial ruling was enforced last December by the Judge of Yevres Court of First Instance, a sentence of one-year imprisonment with expedited enforcement and lifting the seizure status, if any, and the denial of holding a job position against the perpetrator of the crime of assaulting a judge.