Iranian official: Hijazi is the highest commander in the Revolutionary Guards who supports the Houthis

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A former Iranian official said that the deputy commander of the Quds Force, General Muhammad Hossein Zadeh Hijazi, who was declared dead on Sunday by Tehran of a heart attack, was the highest commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in support of the Houthi group in Yemen.

Amir Moghadam, the former director of the Iranian presidency’s public relations office, said in a tweet on Twitter, “Hijazi was the highest commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard to support the Houthis in Yemen, and he was traveling to Yemen and Venezuela, and he was an important component of the missile program and terrorist activities.”

He pointed out that Hijazi "specifically led projects against the UAE and Saudi Arabia."

The former Iranian official believed that "there is a direct relationship between the targeting of the Saviz ship and Natanz and the death of Hijazi, as well as future developments in Yemen and the Vienna talks."

On Sunday evening, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard announced, in a statement, the death of Brigadier General Muhammad Hijazi, deputy commander of the Quds Force of the Revolutionary Guard, due to a heart attack.

Hijazi assumed the position of deputy commander of the Quds Force in April of last year, the force that oversees Iran's foreign operations, after leading the paramilitary forces of the Revolutionary Guard in Lebanon, as well as his participation in some combat missions in Syria and Iraq.