The Syndicate of Journalists condemns the Houthi militia's takeover of the Yemen Digital Company

English - منذ 18 يوم و 15 ساعة و 19 دقيقة
Sana'a, NewsYemen:

The Journalists Syndicate expressed its condemnation of the Houthi militia’s storming and seizing of the Yemen Digital Company.

The Syndicate called on the Houthi militia to end these arbitrary measures that restrict freedom of the media and restrict media investment.

On what it expressed its condemnation of the involvement of media institutions in the conflict, and the insistence on eliminating every non-affiliated institution, and randomly fabricating accusations with everything that does not coincide with the whims of the Houthi militia's authorities, blaming the militias for these practices.

The Journalists Syndicate called on the organizations concerned with freedom of expression, foremost of which is the Union of Arab Journalists and the International Federation of Journalists, to show solidarity with the Yemen Digital Company and to press for an end to these repressive measures.

The CEO of the Yemen Digital Company, Taha Al-Maamari, said that the Houthi militia, on Sunday, stormed his company that provides media services to television channels, and fabricated charges with the aim of seizing it, closing it, confiscating it and preventing employees from entering it.  The company has also appointed other guards.