Damage of two mechanisms of the Iranian arm after breaking an attack and infiltrating Al Dhalea

English - منذ 15 يوم و 17 ساعة و 58 دقيقة
Al-Dhalea', NewsYemen:

The joint and southern forces managed to damage two vehicles belonging to the Houthi militia, Iran's arm in Yemen, which were stationed in Jarab Al-Musk, northwest of Al-Fakher, in Al-Dhalea governorate.

Field military sources indicated that the Houthi elements who were on board the two vehicles were killed after successfully targeting with an appropriate weapon, while artillery forces targeted militia locations north of the town of Sabira, causing injuries.

During the past hours, the joint forces had broken an attack and infiltration attempt by the Houthi militia in the Sabira-al-Jabb sector, amid an unorganized retreat and flight of the attacking militia elements and new losses they incurred.

And this attack, the Houthi militia has been arranging, preparing and mobilizing for it for weeks and holding successive meetings with the sheikhs of the areas that are still under their control in the south of the Ibb Governorate, Al-Oud and Al-Hasha, to provide them with money and personnel, and their goal was to launch a large attack through which they could control the strategic camp of Al-Jeb, but their plans and goals were destroyed. On its northern walls, and returned disappointed, dragging the trails of shame, amid losses incurred, dead and wounded, from those who were deceived and who were mobilized to storm the camp.

These offensive and infiltration attempts come hours after these militias received painful blows after the southern and joint forces units launched qualitative operations in the Al-Fakher sector, south of Al-Oud, through which they made field gains on the ground amid rapid collapses and heavy losses incurred by the Houthi militia.