Marib .. Houthi militia regains the "security camp" and the coalition destroys reinforcements

English - منذ 15 يوم و 11 ساعة و 41 دقيقة
Marib, NewsYemen, Exclusive:

 Battles continue between the Houthi militia, the Iranian arm in Yemen, on the one hand, and the army and tribal forces, on the other hand, along the Marib fronts in the east of the country.

Military sources said that the Houthi militia had regained control of the security camp that it had lost earlier, in conjunction with the Ministry of Defense announcing that its forces had made field advances that did not mention their location.

The sources pointed out that the Houthi militia launched a major attack this morning (Sunday) against the army forces at the "security camp" site, and as a result the government forces retreated and the militia took control of the site.

A field source told "NewsYemen" that the Arab coalition forces launched several raids, on Sunday evening, on the Houthi militia sites and reinforcements on the Serwah and Al-Kassara fronts, killing and wounding dozens of Houthis and destroying 3 military vehicles.

In the context, a tribal source confirmed the killing of the director of Majzar Directorate, who was appointed by the Houthi militia, in battles at the Kassara front, west of Marib.

The source told NewsYemen that the Houthi leader, Saleh bin Ali Ayed al-Sharif, who was appointed by the militia as director of Majzar District, was killed along with five of his companions in battles on the Kassara front, west of the city.