The rains renew the fears of Aden residents about disasters

English - منذ 14 يوم و 19 ساعة و 32 دقيقة
Aden, NewsYemen,Muhammad Jassar:

Here is Aden, hitting a new date with the rains, which came to the city after the depression that struck a number of governorates. These rains remind the residents of Aden of a tragic situation that happened last year and in Ramadan in particular, when houses were flooded and many of them were destroyed in several areas of Adenya, and people were lost due to the torrents. A lot of lives.

Badr Mahmoud tells NewsYemen about the frightening reality of increased rainfall in Aden: “Unfortunately, streets, random construction and water drainage, which cannot tolerate high population growth, are all causes for water to collect as torrents, and lead to the collapse and flooding of some walls of homes, like the tragedy that occurred last year.”

Hajj Mahmoud al-Salami expressed his extreme fear for the residents of the Adeni Mountains, which are always affected by the heavy rains, such as the residents of Al-Badri, the Aidaroos people and Mount Tawahi. Al-Salami called for the need for real attention from the authorities to confront these disasters, and to develop root solutions for them.

“There is no smell in life more beautiful than the smell of the earth after the rain.” With these words, Maysoon Ahmad told Newzimen of her happiness with the falling of the rain, who said that he is the messenger of clouds to the earth.

For her part, pharmacist Maram Ahmed called on the local councils authorities to work on suctioning stagnant water and sparing people from various diseases that come due to mixing sewage water with stagnant water and remaining in Hawari and streets in the city of Aden.