Al-Haramayn refuses to set a date for restoring the current to its subscribers in Mocha

English - منذ 14 يوم و 19 ساعة و 31 دقيقة
Mocha, NewsYemen, Exclusive:

 Al-Haramain Company refused to set a date for restoring electricity to its subscribers in the city of Mocha, two days after stopping the power supply due to an accident that caused the death of a young woman.

A source in the company, which is sharing with the Al-Faisal Company, the sale of electrical energy in Mokha, said that it is up to the security leadership, which will determine when to restore the current.

The source added to NewsYemen, that the current distribution network has been sabotaged and needs to be repaired, explaining that this is also related to security, which is looking into the issue of sabotage that affected the company's property.

On Saturday morning, angry gunmen attacked the Al-Haramain distribution network, and went to torch the company's generators, before the security forces confronted them.

Al-Faisal and Al-Harameen Company are sharing the sale of electrical energy in Mokha, after the public electricity produced by the steam station, the oldest power plant in the northern governorates, stopped.