Ibb .. Houthi militia pressures to conduct convoys and people are waiting for the role of resistance and legitimacy

English - منذ 14 يوم و 18 ساعة و 21 دقيقة
Ibb, NewsYemen, Exclusive:

A few days ago, a food convoy that was run by some of the notables of the "Hazm Al-Aden" district aroused widespread discontent among the citizens of the district and the governorate.

A responsible source from the people of the Directorate, who preferred not to be named, confirmed to NewsYemen, that the report accompanying the convoy comes for media consumption only by the Houthi militia, as the directorate is going through difficult circumstances.

However, he reaffirmed in the same context that the Houthi leaders controlling the governorate and allied leaders ignore all the calls and the suffering of the poor in the four Al-Aden districts (Al-Hazm - Al-Aden - Al-Farae- Al-Mthakharah).

Pointing out that the militia is exerting severe pressures towards mobilizing fighters and conducting convoys consisting of cash, a number of livestock, live ammunition, and cans filled with ghee and honey.

Indicating that the situation is getting worse in return for the collections made by pro-government leaders, and that people are relying a lot on the gift of the people and leaders in the national and legitimate resistance to stop this tampering.

In addition, employees and activists were surprised that the director of the endowment office in the governorate, Bandar Al-Asal, and the type agent, a few days ago, collected the employees of the endowment and obliged them to donate sums of money to buy food baskets for the wounded and fighters on the fronts, and he did not leave the meeting until after the response.

On the other hand, there are hundreds of needy families inside the "old city" who are still waiting for food baskets to arrive 20 days after Ramadan.