Brigadier General Tariq Saleh: Fighting according to national visions is the only way to defeat Iran's agents

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Aden, NewsYemen:

Brigadier General Tariq Muhammad Abdullah Saleh, Leader of the National Resistance and Head of the Political Bureau, stressed the great role that the Tihama brigades, the Zaraniq, giants and guards of the republic must play in order to mobilize society in the Yemeni war against Houthi terrorism, which rules by force of arms, sedition and sectarian and regional fragmentation.

This came during his presidency, on Monday, of a meeting of the leaders of the Joint Forces brigades from the sons of Tihama, to discuss a draft of the political vision for the national resistance, as a continuation of the consultations for its completion and launch.

In his speech during the meeting, Brigadier General Tariq Saleh stressed the importance of enriching the political vision as it is a comprehensive national project that includes advanced scenarios for dealing with various issues critical to Yemen and Yemenis, starting from local issues and ending with the major national issue.

Stressing that community participation in crystallizing this vision is necessary in order to enrich it and reach its comprehensive representation of the various community issues, expressing his happiness that this community participation begins from the importance of "good and giving" and across its various professional and social sectors, on top of whom are the leaders of the resistance and the joint forces.

Brigadier General Tariq said that the Yemenis are going through complicated circumstances where the Houthis confiscate their state, loot their capabilities, spread war and destruction, and violate dignity and honor, until the case has reached the targeting of women, adding: “It happened that this number of Yemeni women was arrested only during the Houthi era.

Stressing that fighting Houthi according to national political visions agreed upon by partners who believe in their cause is the only way to defeat Iran's agents, the terrorists.

He added that the National Resistance, through its political vision and the leaders who believe in it, seeks a militant partnership with society that accommodates their visions and expresses them.

The meeting, which was held for two periods, was attended by Abd al-Jabbar Zahzouh, commander of the Coast Guard, in the Red Sea sector, Suleiman Munser, commander of the 1st Zaraniq Brigade, Yahya Wahish, commander of the 9th Brigade, Amalqa, Madyan al-Qubaisi, commander of the second brigade, Zaraniq, Fuad Jahanem, commander of the second brigade, Tuhama, Zayed Munser.  Commander of the 7th Brigade, Republican Guards, Mamoun Al Muhajmi, Commander of the 11th Giants Brigade, Ahmed Ghanem, Deputy Director of Security for Al Hudaydah Governorate, Sadiq Attiyah, Commander of the Special Security Forces in Al Hudaydah Governorate, Akram Da'ak, Commander of Operations of the 9th Brigade Amalakah, Hani Qiaou, a member of the Republic Guard Command.