The joint suppression of militia movements and inflicting heavy losses in Hays, south of Hodeidah

English - منذ 13 يوم و 17 ساعة و 22 دقيقة
Hodeidah, NewsYemen:

The joint forces suppressed the armed movements of the Houthi militia, the Iranian arm, in Hays, south of Hodeidah.

A military source said that the joint forces monitored the movements of the Houthi militia and dealt with them with focused strikes that left them dead and wounded.

The source confirmed that the strikes of the joint forces quelled the militia’s movements and inflicted heavy losses on them, as well as destroyed Houthi vehicles.

It is noteworthy that the joint forces inflicted heavy losses on the Houthi militia on the Hodeidah fronts yesterday, as a result of the Houthi militia’s escalation of the UN truce.