The joint destroys al-Houthi barracks in Al-Darihami and suffers losses of equipment and lives

English - منذ 33 يوم و 22 ساعة و 59 دقيقة
Hodeidah, NewsYemen:

On Sunday evening, the joint forces retaliated with concentrated and painful strikes on Houthi militias in the Al-Dariami front south of Hodeidah for the victims of the massacre of civilians in Al-Darihi. 

According to the joint media, units stationed from the joint forces in the lines of contact in the Al-Darimi front targeted with appropriate weapons barracks and dens of Houthi militias, stressing that they suffered human and material losses. The source also confirmed that accurate casualties had been achieved in mobile targets that had doubled the losses of criminal militias. 

Iran's Houthi militias committed a new massacre in the early hours of the morning with deliberate and direct shelling from a marching plane on a restaurant in a popular market in the Taif area of Al-Darimi directorate, leaving a martyr and five injured restaurant workers. The joint forces were able to monitor, destroy and shoot down the Houthi aircraft with a concentrated strike.