Yemenis are painful stories .. Iran's arm deliberately humiliates us by monopolizing household gas on the morning of Eid

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Sana'a, NewsYemen, Exclusive:

How did the citizens of the capital Sanaa live during the Eid days? A question that may not need to be investigated much, any citizen you meet can explain the matter simply. The majority are suffering the same.

NewsYemen met with a number of citizens to find out part of the never-ending stories of daily suffering .. The outcome of these painful stories was:

Domestic gas stories

The stories of gas and the search for it are repeated on the morning of Eid; A reality imposed by Iran's arm on a great majority of people, and it was taken as a weapon by the hand of the headband of alleys, black market brokers, and station owners.

It recruited the abusers to fulfill its desires to humiliate people and inflict the greatest psychological, physical and moral harm on citizens, women, men and children alike, through the monopoly of essential goods and the absence of important services so that they do not feel comfortable.

A.G.A. is an employee at the Ministry of Local Administration, and his wife is an employee in the education sector, he says. "We are no longer satisfied with any joy, neither on holidays nor on other occasions. It is painful that this situation will continue for a long time."

Add. Imagine you are an employee and your wife is an employee. Suddenly, you meet yourself while you are on the outskirts of Sana'a without a salary, without gas. You collect firewood and then return and stay for hours in front of the stove blowing it, your wife suffers from heart disease and asthma. What insult and fatigue more than that?

Sealed p. G. P. Speaking. Days came when we slept without eating and days when we used to collect rice with tomatoes, onions and spices, then go to our neighbors to cook with our hearts on our palms for fear that the gas bottle will end at any moment.

A weapon to insult the citizen

a. P. U. An employee in one of the government oil companies. We asked him how the Eid was and what is new. Sanaa he answered. "Sanaa, as you see it, is nothing different, the bumps are the bumps, the streets pitted as they are have not been filled for a long time, even with dirt."

Add. Construction waste is everywhere, household gas and petroleum as it is, a black market that did not see the light for a single day.

In the same context, he said: I completed the gas cylinder on the morning of the second day of Eid, and the tea had not yet come to an end. I went to one of the stations and when I arrived, I found that he had one bear. Another worker came, turned off the electricity, and then he told me the letter. “By God, if my father had come this time, I wouldn’t work for him, we are with us after the prayer,” he says.

Seals. If you want to get to know the oppression of men up close, you just have to put yourself in a situation like this to get to know it, then you will curse the day that this group landed on us.

Long queue and proof of identity

Many of those who brought the country to this juncture were not aware of the disaster that befell the Yemeni citizen as a result of the militia’s invasion of the capital, Sanaa, and the spread of chaos in a manner not seen in the country for decades.

P. e. U. An employee in an ancient bank with the rank of general manager said. I swear to God, I have never seen worse than this group in my life. Imagine the day of Eid and the morning of the Lord of the Worlds, and we compete at the station, crying out gas.

He continues to speak. They refused to open the previous days and deliberately opened on the day of Eid. From the morning the world celebrates again, while we are spilling out the gas.

Add. It didn't stop here. The station worker, just what came my turn, said: "Want the ID card?" I told him that a Yemeni cannot paralyze a card in his pocket. He said, "You don't have gas." I told him about my dead body, by God, I can only return home with gas.

Seals. By God, I decided to take my right by force, even if it was returned in the cemetery, and I really played after the harbingers entered and persuaded him to play the cylinder, not for fear of us not to fight. Rather, for fear of closing the station because of me, then they will return to my homes without gas.

This group is a curse, and hadith l p. U, we have not and will not see anything like it in any society. Those who say otherwise must review history and see the disaster that the Yemenis committed against themselves and the leaders against us citizens.