Tribal meeting in Murad: Minister of Health appoints sheikh to succeed his father

English - منذ 33 يوم و 23 ساعة و 27 دقيقة
Marib, NewsYemen:

Dr. Qassim Bahebah, minister of public health and population in the consensus government, was appointed by the Al-Masli tribe( one of Murad's tribes).

Local sources said that the Al-Mesli tribe (Ammat and Shecht) succeeded his father, who gave up the sheikh to his son in the presence of a number of Murad sheikhs. 

The sources explained that the bellies of the tribe and its helmets held an extended tribal meeting announcing the inauguration of Sheikh Dr. Qassim Mohammed Qassim Bahebah Sheikh guarantee for the tribe of Al-Masli in the position of his father. 

Presbyterian families inherit the sheikh according to tribal customs in Yemen and often move after the father dies of his eldest son and the father's abdication of his son may occur in rare cases.