The rise in the victims of the aggression to 197 people

English - منذ 33 يوم و 23 ساعة و 37 دقيقة
NewsYemen, agencies:

The number of victims of the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip has risen to 197, including 58 children, 34 women and 15 elderly, and more than 1,235 wounded.

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip, Yusef Abu Al-Rish, said, "Days of aggression have so far left 197 martyrs of innocent victims, including 58 children, 34 women and 15 elderly, and more than 1,235 wounded."

He added, "The world was distressed this morning by the heinous crime against the defenseless innocent people in their homes, as the brutal occupier poured out the most powerful and deadly weapons to turn the young bodies of children to pieces."

And he continued: "The recorded number of this massacre that is dying for humanity is 42 martyrs and more than 50 wounded."

He pointed out that "the Israeli occupation army destroyed primary care centers, destroyed roads leading to hospitals, targeted ambulances and impeded their access to evacuate the wounded. It targeted health personnel and prevented medical supplies and teams from reaching their treatments. It deprived pregnant women, people with chronic diseases and various patients from Safe access to health care. "

The Arab Higher Follow-Up Committee in Israel called for a comprehensive strike in Palestinian gatherings inside the Green Line on Tuesday, noting that the strike will be peaceful.

The committee said in a statement after its meeting in the city of Jaffa that the call for the strike comes "in response to the Israeli aggression against our people in the Gaza Strip, Jerusalem, Al-Aqsa Mosque and Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, and in response to the aggression against our masses."

Many cities and towns within the Green Line, especially those inhabited by Palestinians and Jews, are witnessing violent confrontations in which a Palestinian was killed and hundreds were injured.

In its statement, the committee called for "an end to the bloody war on the Gaza Strip, and the ongoing aggression against Jerusalem, Al-Aqsa Mosque and Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood. And the withdrawal of all settlement gangs and repression forces from all our cities and villages, including the cities of the coast."