Aden .. Crater children enjoy games of lightness and electricity deprives them of the joy of Eid

English - منذ 33 يوم و 23 ساعة و 24 دقيقة
Aden, NewsYemen, Muhammad Jassar:

Crater children in the capital, Aden, spend their Eid days between attending light games and hiking, and collecting money from relatives and greetings.

The joy of the holiday is not disturbed except by power cuts. Which deprives young and old in Aden from the joy of Eid and reduces the enjoyment of its days and nights.

Children gather from all sides, in the city of Crater, to enjoy the magic works of magic performed by the famous magicians, "Abdul Rahman Al-Lahji". Entering the place for magic games is for a small amount (one hundred riyals), so you find children, boys and girls, and you find some young men and women looking at “Lahjji” games of magic, in an atmosphere full of enthusiasm, excitement and fascination.

Among the most prominent games of light that "Al-Lahji" master is the disappearance of the egg, the removal of the razor blades "the razor" from the mouth, and the cutting of cards of hardness games and many other things that youngsters love.

And NewsYemen Raad Musleh, who is 14 years old, expressed his happiness with Eid, and he came from Al Taweelah to the field to play with his friends and friends. Eid, as Raad said, is a joy, happiness and excursion.

And while 12-year-old Ahmed Yasser Sharaf indicated that for the first time, he came to the place of trick games, even though he lived near it in the edge of Hussein.

He told NewsYemen that Eid for him is "a collection of money from his aunts, aunts, uncles and uncles," and he followed it with a long laugh, and he described Eid as the best time of the year, because the joy is real and the celebrations are many.

Power outage

On the other hand, Ibrahim Murad noted to NewsYemen that it would have been better for Eid days to have no electricity cuts, because electricity consumption decreases dramatically when most of the shops close their doors.

But as Abraham sees that the issue is the exacerbation of the torture of this poor people, he has made it clear that the physical and psychological stability is what makes the holiday look, color and joy.